We coordinate

We collaborate for the common good. Through coordination, the Cluster in the Philippines has been able to collectively address gaps, complement humanitarian efforts among members and eventually improve the delivery of its response and enhance its accountability to target persons of concern. This page compiles all coordination tools and documentation.

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We share information

We share information to decide better. The need to provide the right information to the right people at the right time using the right channels remain the core principle of the cluster when it comes to managing and sharing information...This page compiles all information and knowledge products of all humanitarian crises where the Cluster responded.

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We Protect the Rights

We touch lives to alleviate IDP struggles. To ensure that the persons of concern acquire their entitlements and rights in a dignified manner is the paramount objective of every protection support that the Cluster provides...Hear the stories of struggle and survival of assisted internally displaced persons and the impact that every cluster partner have made to their lives.

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